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“Prior to starting CrossFit, I had the same thoughts and beliefs that many women have, which is that that weightlifting will make you huge and cardio was the key to looking good. I would normally just stick to running, elliptical machines, and spin classes. I thought cardio was key to weight loss and being thin. Since starting CrossFit, my way of thinking about fitness and being healthy has completely changed. I no longer want to be thin. I want to be strong and healthy.

I have always been into working out, but like most people, I would experience exercising lulls from time to time. I can’t just blame life for getting in the way. I would just get bored with the typical gym routine which made excuses a lot easier to come by. With the periods of times without working out, my weight would fluctuate. I walked into Moxie almost a year and a half ago and I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated. But I was instantly hooked and everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and reassuring. I started out using just the “girls” bar for most of the workouts, but since then, I have seen my strength and confidence grow. At Moxie, I have met the nicest, most supportive, and encouraging people.

After reaching my one year at Moxie and with the end of the year approaching, everyone was talking about the, “I am Moxie Challenge.” I didn’t really know what to expect, but I thought, “What do I have to lose?” The answer to that was that I had weigh and body fat to lose. I was at my heaviest I have ever been when I started the challenge. I always had the idea that if I work hard, I could eat whatever I want. Well, with age and time, I learned that this was not true and my weight slowly started inching up. As the challenge went on, the pounds started coming off and my strength started to increase. By the end of the challenge, I had lost 16.5 lbs and 5.25% body fat, while increasing my lean body mass. I was able to complete the MetCon 1.11 minutes faster while getting 32 seconds faster in the endurance work out. Though I was more consistent with getting to Moxie since starting the challenge, I have to credit my change to the way I eat and the way I look food. I started out with cutting carbs completely but I quickly listened to my body and incorporated “good” carbs back into my diet. I also started meal prepping, which was not easy at first, but this has since become part of my life. It has made making better choices a lot easier. With planning out my meals and snacks, I set myself up for success because I have learned that I am less likely to overeat or eat the free junk food at work.

Since starting at Moxie, I have never met the most supportive group of athletes that push me to do better and remind me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. A lot of it is mental for me, so the extra encouragement and motivation I get from the coaches and the other athletes working out by my side is sometimes what keeps me going when I have lingering thoughts of self-doubt. With that said, I have seen my confidence grow thanks to the wonderful coaches and people getting through the WODs with me. The challenge may be over, but I feel like in the last two months, my lifestyle has evolved to a much healthier and happier one as well one that I can maintain.”

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CrossFit Moxie has increased my self-esteem, motivated me to push myself, and taught me how to respect my body. After two short months at Moxie, I have never felt so energized and healthy in my life.

I was never very in to fitness, occasionally attempting to take up jogging when I started to feel like a couch potato, yet failing every time. After I started college, my weight slowly started creeping uphill, making me more self-conscious about my body image. After months of my friends persuading me to try Crossfit, I decided to give it a try with one of the Free Basic Training Intro classes at Moxie. When I arrived at Moxie, I was nervous, fearful that I would be judged for my lack of knowledge about anything that included the words “weight” and “lift,” or my inability to squat, let alone touch my toes. I didn’t know any proper form for lifting weight, couldn’t do push-ups, or pull-ups, and my mile time was above 11 minutes.

Upon entering, I was greeted by Chris, who explained the ins and outs of everything Crossfit. His main goal was to keep me safe, comfortable, and healthy – while ensuring a good ass-kicking workout. I definitely thought the warm-up was the actual workout. Boy, was I wrong! The day after my first workout, I woke up more sore than I had ever been in my life. I worked hard and I could feel it. I decided that same day to join the Moxie Challenge as a way to keep me motivated and energize my start to this fitness journey.

During the challenge, I focused on preparing meals ahead of time for the week to come, to avoid snacking and fast food runs, and cut out breads, dairy, and sugar almost entirely. I drank a LOT of water, and learned how to cook a variety of vegetables and proteins in a way that they would taste better and still be healthy. I ate when I was hungry and made sure the food I was feeding myself was providing my body with the nutrients and vitamins it needed (I definitely rewarded myself with M and M’s after a good workout, though!) I did the WODs three times a week at Moxie – and supplemented with running and rowing at home on weekends.

The coaches and other athletes encouraged and supported me with every workout, even when I became frustrated with my inability to do some of the exercises. They worked with me to modify the workouts to a level that I could achieve, and cheered for me in my victories, no matter how small.

Two months and one paleo cookbook later, I have never felt or looked healthier, stronger, and stress-free than I do today at the end of the Moxie Challenge. I jumped out of my comfort zone by joining Moxie and it has lead to incredible changes. I am a super competitive person, but am slowly learning how to compete against myself instead of others with the support of Moxie staff. I improved on all of my Challenge workouts, and am finally able to do push-ups and kipping pull-ups! My squat continues to improve every day, and I can even run a mile without taking breaks to walk and catch my breath. I would recommend Moxie to anyone from any background because Moxie will work with you to fit your needs. I can’t wait to see what becoming a member of the Moxie family will continue to do for my health and fitness.



“The ability to face great difficulty with spirit and courage”.

I first walked into CrossFit Moxie in October 2013 at 235 lbs, high blood pressure and a waist size of 42 inches. 200+ WODs later, I’m down to a size 36 waist, dropped 35 lbs and no longer on blood pressure medication. What’s my secret? Spirit & Courage.

Every night I walk into Moxie and read the above quote on the wall; reminding me why I’m here and what I’m about to face. Together with our awesome 7:30 PM crew we train hard and hold everyone around us accountable every rep of the way. The coaches are skillful, thoughtful and care for everyone like family. The camaraderie here at Moxie is like no other and has helped me get through some crazy WODs, but has also helped me grow as a person.

After about 6 months I found myself beating my PR’s and killing my row, bike and run time. I ran 3 5k’s that year, finishing the Santa Run in under 26 minutes. Now I’m doing pull-ups with the smallest band, prescribed weight for men on kettle bells and beating my benchmark WOD’s (Diane, Fran, Cindy etc.). I work out about 5 days a week. I started doing 5:30 am classes then moved over to 7:30 pm. You develop a love/hate relationship with each WOD, but in the end you feel like you’re on top of the world. The staff here at Moxie are amazing! From Chris, Chris B, Ben, Drew, Dawn, Eric, Kevin, Suzy, Ruben, Ashley, and Jen (aka warrior princess).

I recommend anyone to try a class because if I could do it, you could do it.



I am a 52 year old father of seven kids. I started CrossFit 4 months ago after my Masters Swimming career came to an abrupt halt due to a shoulder injury. It turns out I have arthritic AC joints, and my right shoulder is moderately advanced – that made swimming a painful proposition. My 18 year old son suggested I try CrossFit – he had been doing it with Chris for years as part of his competitive swimming program and he thought it might be a good alternative to my swimming. Another of my boys became CrossFit certified and he started applying the screws as well. I have to admit, I had my doubts. My doctor told me I could work-out, but that it would be difficult to do anything that involved activity over my head. But out of desperation, I gave it a try. I could barely move after my first few workouts – I was so sore I think Chris thought he might have scared me off, but I came back.

I always thought of myself as a relatively athletic guy. I swam in the Masters World Championships at Stanford in 2006 and I have done a number of open water races throughout the years. Never a top finisher, but respectable. My illusions of being athletic were all put to rest when I started CrossFit. I could not do a pull-up because I was not strong enough. I could not do a push up because my shoulder hurt. I could hardly lift any weight over my head because I had bad form, sore shoulders and a weak back. I ran my first mile in 7:24. My squats were pathetic. Not pretty.

But I also got a chance to see some folks who really are athletic –and the cool thing is that they are the most supportive encouraging group of people you can imagine. With help from Chris, Ben, Kevin, Eric, Sage and Drew I have been steadily improving. I went from jumping pull-ups, to pull-ups with bands, to pull-ups with one band, to pull-ups with no bands. I can now do lots of pull-ups. I went from no push-ups to dips on the parallet bars, to inverted ring-rows, to push-ups, to ring push-ups. Just four months into this I can push-jerk 175 lbs., run a 5:54 mile and do things I could not even imagine doing 4 months ago. Now it seems like every time I go for a new max, I get it, and by a lot. I know it won’t last but it is sure fun for now.

I still suck at lots of things and my shoulder is still arthritic, that isn’t going to change, but the muscle and flexibility I have gained through CrossFit have made that joint way more functional.

As I got older I used to joke with my friends that my fitness objective is to get slower, slower. Not anymore. With CrossFit and the team at Moxie, I am realizing that I am in the best shape I have been in in 25 years, and it is very likely I will continue to see substantial improvement. I have a love/hate thing with the workouts, they suck every day, but I keep coming back, because it works and you can’t find a more supportive, encouraging, fun group of people to be with. And with me and all five of my boys doing it now, I don’t think I am going to be stopping any time soon – they would tie me up and drag me in.

I am a convert, just ask my wife. We now have “no CrossFit” dinners – so she doesn’t have to listen to her husband and boys talk incessantly about CrossFit. But we all know her day is coming – we will assimilate her.


Meet Katrina.
During her “I Am Moxie” Challenge she improved in every single category, and lost 10.5 lbs of pure fat, while gaining 1.5 lbs of pure muscle. Nothing short of inspirational! Here is what Katrina has to say about being here at Moxie and her life long health journey.

Before the 8 Week Challenge:

After the 8 Week Challenge:

“I have never been very athletic or even very coordinated for that matter. I did swim and play water polo in high school but due to serious ear problems I can no longer do any activities that involve being in water. With my favorite exercise out of the question, poor eating habits and a sitting at a desk 40-50hrs a week I began to gain weight very fast. Before I knew it I had ballooned up to almost 200lbs. With my family history of being overweight along with heart disease and high blood pressure I knew that if I did not want to follow suite that I would have to do something and fast. I started going to a gym a couple of days a week and eating healthier in an attempt to change not only my weight but the cycle of my unhealthy lifestyle. I hired a personal trainer that I worked with once a week. I started to do some weight training which I had not done since my swimming days. I started to see changes in my body which helped to keep me motivated for over a year. I continued to try all the new fad diets in hopes of shedding pounds and it worked. I had lost 40lbs and was feeling better then I had in years. The problem now was that I was spending TOO much time at the gym and the diet was not something that I could maintain long term. As life got busier gym time was one of the first things to get cut. I was still going to the gym on and off but just couldn’t seem to stay motivated. I had improved my eating habits greatly from where I started but I still couldn’t hold a steady weight always bouncing back and forth from 150-175lbs.

Due to some MAJOR life changes I moved into my OWN apartment for the first time in my life at the age of 28. I had never lived alone and I learned a lot about my self during that time. During those 8 months I could not afford a gym membership so I told my self I would make use of the little gym facility and work out in my apartment to stay in shape, none of which happened. So when I had heard about Crossfit from a couple of friends/co-workers that had recently joined different Box’s I decided to look into it and see what it was all about. At that point I was back up to 165lbs and HATING it! I knew it was time once and for all to get and STAY fit and healthy! I researched all the local boxes in my area and decided on one that was close to both work and my new home. During the first day I was hooked on crossfit. I couldn’t believe how much of a workout I could get in such a short amount of time. I was at my box for about 6months when once again work started to effect my attendance because of schedule. That is when I found MOXIE. I was desperately looking for a gym with a 5:30am class so that I would no longer have excuses to miss the gym for work.

At that time I e-mailed Chris and asked to come and check it out. From the moment I walked in the door I knew this was a better fit for me. I lOVE the people, the coaches and the comradery that I have found at Moxie. I have only been with Moxie since the beginning of the I am moxie competition but it was the best decision I could have made. I have had more PR’s and I am fitter then I have ever been in my life. I used to think that I could never have a 6 pack and now I feel that this is something within my reach if I continue to eat clean and work hard . I still have lots to work on (like Double unders) but I know if I keep putting in the work I will get there. I look forward to seeing what else I can accomplish and can’t wait for the next competition.”


Before CrossFit

Start of this year’s challenge:

End of this year’s challenge:

Todd Badger has made some incredible changes over the last year+ here at Moxie. He also just finished his second “I Am CrossFit Moxie” Challenge and has a few things to say about it. This is an amazing story and just a fantastic human being.

“Coming to Crossfit Moxie was one of the best decision’s I have ever made. To say this place has changed my life is an understatement. During high school and college I was a competitive swimmer. After I stopped swimming and exercising I became unmotivated and couldn’t keep up with an exercise program for any longer than a three-month period. By not staying physically active and eating poorly, I gained weight fast. In August of 2010 I actually weighed in at 369 pounds at a doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure read 180/120 and the doctor told me I needed to lose weight and start an exercise program immediately. I joined a local gym and was doing really well losing some weight, but as always when the three-month mark came up I found a reason to quit. So in August of 2011 I tried again to join a local gym and within 3 months I stopped losing weight and was not getting any stronger. I was starting to get bored working out at the gym. So at a personal training appointment my trainer told me she worked out at Crossfit Moxie. I decided to Google Crossfit Moxie and was amazed about all the great reviews from everyone and I thought I should give them a call.

Once I contacted Chris and told him a little bit about me he encouraged me to come in and give Moxie a try. After my 1st week in the Elements class with Suzy and Chris I was hooked. Everything I did seemed so difficult but I think that is what I loved about Crossfit Moxie it really encouraged me to come everyday and try harder to improve.

My first few months at Moxie I was so heavy I couldn’t do any of the running workouts because my knees were in so much pain. Many of the lifts were painful for my wrists and back too. With a little perseverance and the help of the Moxie coaches I was able to get past the pain and started to improve in every area.

I never ate or had any knowledge about the Paleo Crossfit Diet before coming to Moxie. At first the change was challenging but after I lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks that was all the motivation I needed to really get me going. I had most of my meals all planned everyday. Each week I seemed to get stronger and stronger from the WOD’s and the diet. I was really doing some amazing things: Running, Rowing like a beast, biking fast, and getting stronger fast, nailing all my PR’s at every workout.

After working out 5-6 times a week at Moxie, I have come a long way. Just after 6 months I am great at pushups, and have become a strong rower. I have seen huge gains in my strength and endurance as well. One of the great things about Moxie is the constant challenge to do new things and try things that are not in your comfort zone, which is also what makes it so fun.

The Moxie coaches are some of the best coaches I have ever been around. They are very knowledgeable about crossfit, strength training, gymnastics, and endurance training and what it means to be an athlete at any age, and skill level. I felt Eric, Chris, and Ben really took me under their wings and believed in my goals and me. With their motivation every day it made it easy to come to Moxie and give 110% every day. After about 9 months I started to really kill my PR’s weekly knocking off minutes on my biking/rowing, and going up in many of my lifts by 40-80lbs.

In addition to the amazing coaches there is an amazing community at Crossfit. I had a handful of people who really helped and supported me everyday. There is nothing like the feeling of thinking you can’t do one more push up and then you hear people cheering for you.

I Finished the Crossfit Moxie Challenge in December of 2012 and lost 18 lbs of fat in 7 weeks. Over the past two years I have lost 102 pounds (I have lost 62 pounds since joining Crossfit Moxie in about one year). I have more then reached my goals here at Crossfit Moxie. This crossfit gym has changed my life in so many ways. At age 37 I am in the best shape of my life. I can lift over 200 lbs in almost every Olympic Lift, and I am improving daily on all of my gymnastic skills, and have become one hell of a rower/biker. Thank You Crossfit Moxie!”