Personal Training

Looking for a personal trainer? Or maybe you have specific skills or goals that you would like to work on. Whether you are looking to improve on CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, or Nutrition, private coaching sessions are the best way to get extra attention and focus on what you need as an individual to be the most successful in achieving your fitness goals. For more info and for pricing, contact us anytime.

Options Include:
Private One-on-One Coaching – Prices vary by instructor
Single Session – $70/hr base rate
10 Pack – $650 base rate
20 Pack – $1200 base rate

Individualized Monthly Programming
(Requires minimum of one personal training session)

Ask yourself this…what are your training goals!? If you’re looking to be generally fit and stay healthy then our main classes are a great option. If you have specific goals, then you need specific training.. Individualized Programming.

Specific goals could be anything from improve on the olympic lifts, prepare for competitions, get stronger, improve skills from HSPUs to muscle ups to strict pull ups. It may also be to recover from an injury or develop good movement and mobility as a preparation for the main classes.

With the individualized program, you will first meet with your coach to identify your goals. A tailored program will then be designed, utilizing your strengths and weaknesses, to help you reach those goals faster! There is a minimum requirement of 1 private training session, which can be used for multiple reasons as you and your coach see fit: an assessment, coaching on lifts or movements, review of upcoming program, nutrition discussion, etc.

Individualized Programming – $60/mo (In addition to membership)
Requires minimum of one personal training session
3 month minimum requirement


Private Group Training

Do you need a specific class time that is not offered? Do you have a team or group that is looking to have a structured CrossFit program? Private groups are a perfect way to get your team, group of friends, or office a consistent training program at a time of your choice. For more info and for pricing, contact us anytime.