Tuesday, August 9 - 12:00 am

Hey Moxie… want to win an RPM jump rope and a Power Supply gift card (gift cards will be awarded to all finalists)??  Then sign up to enter the double under contest we will be hosting in September!!

Everyone will have until Sept 1st to sign up by adding your name in the comments of this event.

The contest will be bracket style.  The first tiers will compete in 2min of max double unders with 2 ‘trip ups’ allowed.

The second tiers will compete in 1min of max double unders with 1 ‘trip up’ allowed.

The final rounds will be one set of max unbroken double unders.  (Any ties will be broken with a sudden death match.)

Only coaches can judge the matches.  Once we have a list of everyone who wants to participate we will put together a schedule and send that out.

ANYONE can participate!  (This is why we are working on double unders all of August!!!)




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