What we are:

CrossFit Moxie was established in 2008 and is located in downtown San Jose, California in a newly updated 8,400 sq/ft. fitness and coaching facility.  When you walk into Moxie you are greeted by a large community room as well as three large bathrooms with lockers and a designated kid’s area for you to bring your whole family.

Moxie was designed in a way that we are able to offer more CrossFit classes and open gym times than any other CrossFit facility in San Jose. Our facility is fully equipped not just for CrossFit, but all aspects of fitness training.

We not only offer CrossFit classes and train the average individual, but we also train Professional, Collegiate, and Olympic Qualifying athletes and teams out of our facility on a daily basis.

In 2016 CrossFit Moxie joined forces with Diablo CrossFit another well established community and set of gyms. Diablo was founded in 2005 and is one of the original 50 affiliates (47th).

Who we are:

Our team is set apart by the fact that we have made our careers out of coaching and training all types of athletes and teams, including Professional, Collegiate, and Olympic Qualifying. We know how to not only how to effectively train the individual one-on-one, but we pride ourselves on our experience training large teams, which is second to none. This is what makes taking a class at CrossFit Moxie even more enjoyable because we know how to give YOU personalized attention in a group setting.

Our team also has more experience than anyone else in Northern California organizing and running professional fitness competitions through our Moxie Madness series.  This opens up even more opportunities for you to get involved in our community and push yourself or your team to the next level.

Take a look at our coaches’ bios for more information on our professional staff.

What does “Moxie” mean?

Moxie is an older term which means the “ability to face great difficulty with spirit and courage.Bringing the old school to the new, our professional staff works hard each day to live up to this definition and face all aspects of life with “Moxie,” and we want to help you do the same.  When you walk out of CrossFit Moxie, Moxie leaves with you.

Our promise to you:

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience training not only elite athletes, but people of all sizes, ages, and abilities wanting to make a change.  We want get to know YOU so we can keep YOU motivated and help make YOU a stronger and healthier person!  We are dedicated to YOU!


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