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Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 20
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Shoulders, Ankles & Hamstrings
Light Running Drills
2 Rounds of a Gymnastic Warm up Complex:
4 Strict Hollow Scapular Pulls
4 Hollow Scapular Pull + Super Man (Tap Swings)
2-4 Kipping Pull ups
4 Scapular Push-ups
2-4 Regular Push-ups

Skill: Minute 21 – 30
Gymnastic Pushing Progression

Start by warming up the Push Up and/or Ring Support position paired with the Bottom of the Dip. Everyone needs to accumulate 5 total sets of a combination of the below. For example if you are proficient at Muscle Ups do 1 set of A, 1 set of B, 1 set of C and finish with 2 sets of D. If ring dips are a challenge you will do 2 sets of A and 3 sets of B. If you are working on push ups do 5 sets of A.

A. Parallette Push Ups 5- 10 Reps.
B. Ring Support Hold: 1 set of 5- 10 seconds at the Top then 5 – 10 seconds at the bottom = 1 Set
C. Ring Dip: 1 – 5 Reps
D. Muscle up: 1 muscle up for 2-5 Ring Dips

Workout: Minute 31 – 60
17 Minute AMRAP of:

20 Pull ups – Modify with Banded or Seated Pull-ups
Run 800m – Modify with 600m if you are unable to run the full distance
15 Strict Weighted Sit ups 20 / 30 Use a Dumbbell for the Weighted Sit-ups. Hold the Dumbbell at the chest for the full rep. If you are unable to do the weighted sit-up without wanting to keep it with your legs, modify with Strict sit-ups keeping your hands on the floor through the full rep.

Score: total Rounds

Cool Down: Any time left over after the WOD
Roll out:
Try to hit each spot for a minimum of 1 minute then move on to the next area.