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Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 15
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Hips, Hamstrings & Anterior Shoulders
Banded Walks 30’ Lateral / 30’ Forward & Backwards

Strength: Minute 16 – 30
(Deadlift Accessory work)

This will be our final accessory work before testing our Deadlift on Tuesday the April 18th use this accessory circuit to continue building strength in the areas you will need them for next week.
3 Superset Circuit
10-15 Hip extensions (possibly add weight by hugging a bumper plate if this is easy) – Modify with Banded Good Mornings
20-30 Second Isometric Back Extension (Hold the top of the Back Extension) – Modify with Static Superman Hold
15-20 Glute Bridges or Single Leg Glute Bridges -
Max L-Hang Hold – Modify with a hanging knee Raise

As we head into our testing day, you will notice a low amount of heavy back work in the future programming. This is important to allow your Central Nervous system to D-Load (Freshen up) for a heavy lift next Tuesday.

Workout: Minute 30 – 60
In 15 minutes complete 3 rounds starting every 5th Minute.

20/30 Calorie Assault Bike
15 Hands Off Deck Push-ups – Modify with the knees to avoid any worming up off the ground.
15 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 53 / 70

Score: Each round scored individually. So Push the speed

Cool Down: Time left over after Workout
200m Cool down walk
Stretch out Posterior Chain

Complete 3 Rounds of 1 Minute max reps with a decreasing Rest (1 Minute rest in the first round, 30 second rest in the second, and no rest in the final round):

Renegade Rows + Push-up
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Static Bridge hold – Scale up by alternating single leg Bridge every 15 seconds.