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Here is a little insight of this week’s programming.

Monday: We are kicking off the week with a Barbell Workout. There will be a fair amount of overhead work today with a medium time domain AMRAP. It would be wise to get to the gym 10-15 minutes before the class and work on some extra Shoulder Mobility. Also a good idea to spend the last bit of class to cool down and stretch vs taking off as soon as the workout is over.

Tuesday is going to be heavy on the legs and hips. Starting the session off with 5×5 Back Squats around 75%. The Workout will be an 8 minute AMRAP that involves Kettlebell Swings and Lunges with an increasing rep scheme. There is also a little surprise speed bump every 2 minutes.

Wednesday we will be spending some time working on Gymnastic Pressing followed by a longer AMRAP. The goal is to work in some volume with the Gymnastic work, while staying at an appropriate level of the Progression. Afterwards is a 17 Minute workout. With the last few minutes of class, grab a roller for a cool down.

Thursday is our Deadlift accessory day. After finishing our final Deadlift session on Sunday, we will go through a little D-Load week to allow your back to recover from the high percentages we have been working at. Instead of lifting heavy, we will be doing some accessory work to keep our posterior chain engaged and active. After this we will be doing a hard intense interval session that will last about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Friday we will be working on our Box Jump rebounding or landing progressions. The goal with this skill here is to develop better body awareness so we can land off the box in a quality and controlled position. This progression will be followed up with a Chipper that was programmed on 9/26/16.

Saturday we will be getting our pump on for the weekend with some Bench Press then a workout with either the Ski Ergs or Slam Balls paired with some strict Chin ups.

Sunday Funday will be starting up with some running drills to warm the body up as well as work on some of our running mechanics. Then we have a fun 7 Round Triplet that should take some time. Be sure to get a good cool down after this one as you may find yourself a little sore come Monday or Tuesday.


Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 20
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up

Gymnastic Strength: Minute 21 – 30
HSPU Progression
3 – 4 Sets of the following Progression. Go as far as you can through the following progressions. If you are unable to complete the Highest rep, Stay at that Progression for the rest of your sets.

5-10 Pike Push-up
5-10 Pike Push-ups from a Box – Stay inverted at the top of the box to replicate the lockout at the top
5-10 Handstand Push-ups Modify with up to 2 Abmats

Workout: Minute 31 – 60
15 Minute AMRAP of:

12 Toes to Bar – Modify with Strict Sit-ups
700/800m Row
15 Box Jumps 20′ / 24′ – Scale with Step Ups if needed.

Score: Total Rounds

Cool Down: Any time after the WOD
Hip Flexors