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Here is your week in review…
Monday will be kicking off with some Kettlebell / Dumbbell overhead skill work to warm up for some Push Presses in the WOD. Don’t forget your rope today. If you have a hard time figuring out your jump rope selection, you may want consider investing in a rope that fits you. Show up a early to class and check out our selection in the store.

Tuesday is a testing day. We are going to establish new or current 1 rep max Deadlift. We have been gradually increasing the Deadlift intensity while lowering the volume through the last 4 months and now we get to see where we are at. The WOD will be a fun little Bike workout with some gymnastic tests following each interval.

Wednesday is going to my version of the “Bergeron Beep Test”. We will be starting off with a 10 minute EMOM that will be scored from 0-10, right into a row. This will be a longer WOD and deceivingly hard while being fun.

Thursday, we are doing a heavy Power Clean EMOM. Starting at a moderate weight and increase the load as your technique allows your to go up. This will be followed up with a shorter couplet for a metcon.

Friday is a longer WOD that includes some decreasing runs. Also, would be wise to bring some higher socks to avoid the potential rope burn from rope climbs. Post WOD it would be a good idea to complete a cool down and spend some time on shoulder mobility; Saturday’s session, there is a bit of overhead work.

Saturday we have a heavy Front Squat + Press session. Then we have a task oriented WOD scheduled post lifting session. Spend some time stretching those shoulders; those triceps may be a little lit up.

Sunday is an 18 minute AMRAP with a built in rest. There will be some Bear Hug Carries in the WOD. It is very important that you spend some time in the beginning of class, after the warm up, to figure out how to brace your core while carrying the bag. If you are unable to hold the bag unbroken on the walk it’s ok to set it down vs scaling to a shoulder carry (which is ok if you need to).

Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 25
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Shoulders & Hips
Running warm up Drills

Workout: Minute 26 – 60
Complete 7 rounds for time (25 Minute TIme Cap)

250m Row
5 Overhead Squats 75 / 115 (DO NOT intentionally bail behind the body at the end of the set) – Modify with Front Squats 95 / 135
200m Run

Score: Total Time