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Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 20
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Banded Walks, 30’ lateral + 30’ forward & backward
After Warm up, spend some time with some wrist progressions

Strength: Minute 20 – 40
Overhead Squats or Modify with Front Squats
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2

Start this off with a little Barbell Warm up to get your shoulders engaged and the bottom of the squat available:
2 Rounds of:
3 Back Squats – Modify with Front Squat
3 Behind the Neck Press (OHS Grip) – Modify with Front Rack press
3 Overhead Squats – Modify with Front Squat to Strict Press

Once you are warmed up, start off with a Set of 10 Unbroken overhead Squats. You may add weight if your overhead position is good. Only Allow your squat depth go as low as you overhead will allow. If you are unable to get below parallel with a safe overhead position, modify with the front squat.

After your set of 10, you may increase the weight through the upcoming reps. Keep in mind these reps need to be unbroken so keep in mind you need to be carefull with the amount of weight you jump each set.

At the end of each set, DROP YOUR BAR in front of your body so you do not miss your shoulders trying to lower back down behind the neck.

Workout: Minute 41 – 60
For time:
1500m Row
Rest 2 Minutes
Row 1000m Row
Rest 1 Minute
500m Row

Complete 3 Rounds of 1 Minute max reps with a decreasing Rest (1 Minute rest in the first round, 30 second rest in the second, and no rest in the final round):

30 Second Goblet Squats / 30 Second Goblet Squat Pause Squat – Drop weight to stand up if you can’t maintain a good upright torso, or modify by holding something to sit in a good paleo chair
30 Second Push / 30 Second Push up Plank – Challenge yourself to walk your hands out