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Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: Minute 0 – 20
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Banded Walks, 30’ lateral + 30’ forward & backward
2 Rounds of the Barbell Warmup
3 Muscle Clean – Position 1
3 Power Clean – Position 1
3 Power Clean + Pause into Squat – Position 2

Strength: Minute 21 – 45
Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean @ Position 2 + Full Clean

Complete 5 Rounds of the complex above. Start with a Power Clean, hang on to the bar to get organized before hinge over to the second position (off the front of the knees) to complete a Hang Squat Clean. Drop the Bar and reset at the bottom to complete a Full Squat clean from the Ground. That is one set of the five.

Start first working set around 50-60% and work up to a strong effort. You must be able to successfully catch the clean from the ground in order to move on to a heavier weight. Be extremely careful by keeping your elbows away from your knees. You should not go over 85% of your max Clean.

Workout: Minute 46 – 60
3 Rounds of 1 minute max calories on the bike. Rest as needed between rounds

Score: Your lowest Calorie count.

Complete 3 Rounds of 1 Minute max reps with a decreasing Rest (1 Minute rest in the first round, 30 second rest in the second, and no rest in the final round):

30 Sec Dumbbell Hang Power Clean / 30 Sec Front or Goblet
30 Sec Side Plank Left / 30 Sec Side Plank Right
30 Sec Bicycle Kicks / 30 Sec Prone Plank