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Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 20
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Banded Walks, 30’ lateral + 30’ forward & backward
2 Rounds of the Barbell Warm up:
3 Muscle Clean – Position 1
3 Power Clean – Position 1
3 Power Clean + Squat – Position 2
3 Jerks

Strength: Minute 26 – 45
Squat Clean & Jerk 2-2-2-2-2 – Modify to a Power Clean if you are working around any physical limitations.

Start out your first working set around 60-65% of your 1 Rep Max. As the sets go on, build up to strong effort. These reps should also be completed as 2 Separate reps. So, drop the bar from the first attempt and set up for the second. Reset for your second attempt.

If you miss one of your attempts out of the 2, it counts for 1 of your reps. So, be patient and DO NOT RUSH the pull and the recovery of the Jerk. Also, the rep will not count if you have to press the bar out vs Jerking the bar. Limit the weight if needed to work on that skill.

Workout: Minute 46-60
Pull ups – Modify with Seated Pull ups or Banded
Box Jump 20 / 24
Kettlebell Swing 53 / 70

5 Rounds of Alternating E4MOM
1 Minute Plank
6 – 12 Strict Pull ups or Modify with 12 Rack Pull-ups
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings – Choose a challenging weight.
10 Box Jumps