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**REMINDER** There are no classes tonight from 430-730pm!!  We have week 2 of THE OPEN and our Friday Night Lights event!
Even if you are not signed up for the open you can come workout.. you will just be doing the open wod :)



Dynamic Warmup: Minute 0 – 15
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up

Gymnastic Skill:
Complete 10 rounds alternating movements every minute on the minute.

On the even minutes, complete 5-10 Toes to Bar or Strict Sit ups
Pick a challenging rep scheme and try to stick with the same number within the Minute. You should also be able to complete your set within 2 sets. Otherwise, do Strict Sit-ups,

On the odd minutes, hold a 30 second Extended Hollow Push Up
Walking hands out from a push-up position with your feet together. Very important that butt stays engaged to protect your back – Coaches meeting Travis did a Demo with Inchworms

Buy in with: 9 – 6 – 3
Bike Calorie & Burpee
Then complete 3 rounds of:
10 Strict Press 65 / 95 – Scale up to 75 / 115
15 / 20 Calorie Row
Finish with 400m Run – Modify with 200m Run/Walk

Class will have to start in Waves of 2-3 Minutes or when a Erg / Bike is open to complete the 9-6-3 Buy in.