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** Remember there are no afternoon classes tonight as we have another Friday Night Lights event!!  Even if you are not signed up for the open you can still come and complete the wod or just to cheer on your peers :) **


Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: Minute 0 – 15
Legs – Spend a couple minutes in the Legs focusing on your Quads
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Review Rope Climbs Skills and Modifications
Foot Lock

Class AMRAP: Minute 16 – 30
Rope Climbs Group Practice Warm up with a few half Rope Climbs in group of 3-5 people with a similar skill level.

After a few warmup sets, the class will begin a 4 Minute AMRAP of Rapid Fire rope climbs (1 Rep each per rotation).

At the end of the 4 Minutes, groups will total up the amount of reps completed between all the groups will be the score. Use the scaling key to find the value of each rope climb modification:

Legless = 1.5 Reps
Standard Rope Climb = 1 Rep
1 Laydown = .5 Rep (Athlete may attempt 2 in a row to equal 1 full rep)
Write the Score on the whiteboard.

Workout: Minute 31 – 60
4 Rounds of a 3 Minute AMRAP starting every 4 Minutes:
10 / 15 Calorie Ski Erg Or 1 minute cap whichever comes first – Modify with Ball Slams 20/25
10/ 15 Calorie Bike
Max Wall Balls 14-9’ / 20-10’

Score: Total number of Wall Balls