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Hey Diablo Moxie…  We are adding a new weekend class for you on Sundays!  Starting this Sunday at 9am.  So the schedule will be 9am CrossFit class and 10am open gym for one hour.  Will we see you there!?!



Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: Minute 0 – 20
Ankles – Take a foam roller to your Soleus, Gastroc & Peroneals
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up

Gymnastics: Minute 21 – 31
3 Rounds of 10-15 GHD Sit ups – Modify with straight legs Strict Sit-up (Anchor with dumbbells if needed)
Superset with with 30 Second Side plank (Each side)

The GHD Sit up is a very potent abdominal exercise. So if you have never done them, do not lay all the way back to touch the ground. Start with sitting your butt off the pad, then lay back to where your body is parallel to the ground, then fire your Quads to initiate the sit-up reaching towards your feet. If you feel comfortable with the range of motion, you may lay back further.

Workout: Minute 31 – 60
For Time:
800m Run or Modify with 600m if needed to walk at any point
Then, complete 4 Rounds of:
4 Lateral Burpee over Bar
6 Power Snatches (75/115) – Modify with Power Cleans
10 Overhead Reverse Lunges (Modify with a front rack Lunge)
Then cash-out with:
800m Run or Modify with 400m Walk Run if needed walk at any point.

Score: Total time

Cool down: Any time left over after the WOD, go for a 200-400m walk then stretch out your ankles.