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WEEK 4 / DAY 1

**NOTES**  This week will be very light in both the Volume and Intensity to keep a sharp CNS in anticipation of maxing out this Thurs.  If you want to perform your absolute best on Thurs.. consider taking Wed off.  

* Snatch 2×2@60%, 2×1@65%, 1×1@70% (Total of 7 Snatches) Focus on keeping a patient long pull to the hip. They should feel really good. So if you do not have an accurate Snatch PR, build up to a pretty easy effort by your last single, but do not try to max out. Today is all about Greasing the groove with some easy weights.
* Cluster (Squat clean thruster) In 5 sets work up to 65% of your max Clean & Jerk. for your last 1-2 reps.
* Work some extra Mobility to prep for your max out day, either Thursday or Friday if you are not participating in the OPEN.