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Testing Oly Total

Snatch 1@75, 1@85, 1@90 1@95+

Clean and Jerk 1@75, 1@85, 1@90 1@95+

Allow yourself to go heavier if you are feeling good. We are not treating this as a competition, but will be following all the same rules (Not Press outs or dropping to a knee). Also, you will only allowed to miss 2 attempts at any weight.

Score: Total sum of the heaviest successful snatch combined with the heaviest successful Clean & Jerk. There maybe possibility to PR one or maybe 2 of these lifts. So, keep in mind, you will have to test your Clean & Jerk after the snatch. Be sure to reserve some energy for the next lift.

Remember, PRs come with consistency with Strength training, but not without the Skill training. So be sure to Video everyone of your attempts. Both the good ones and the bad ones. Keep in mind, the bad ones are the ones you will learn from.