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Hey Diablo Moxie!
Meet Eli and Aditi.. they are our newest members! Please make sure you introduce yourself if you see them in class :)

IMG_7436 aditi

Also,  Xendurance will be around on Monday sampling their products.. make sure you check them out!!



Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: Minute 0 – 25
Shoulders – Spend a couple minutes with the Lacrosse ball working through any sticky spots in your scapular area
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
2-3 rounds of the Snatch Warm up:
3 Snatch High Pulls – Position 1
3 Power Snatches – Position 1
3 Power Snatches + Squat – Position 2

Barbell Skill: Minute 26 – 45
Snatch Complex: Power Snatch + Low Hang Squat Snatch
1-1-1-1-1-1 Starting at about 65% and then build up to a challenging weight that you can keep consistent.

Treat this as some skill practice. Especially if you do not attend any of the Diablo Strong Classes. Do not rush the lift. Focus on keeping a long pull from the ground to the hip.

If you have a shoulder issue that is keeping you from receiving a Squat Snatch, focus on a Hang Power Snatch or modify to a Squat Clean.

Remember, this is a skill session, not a max out session.

Workout: Minute 46 – 60
Regional Event 1 2011
For Time:
1000m Run
30 Handstand Push ups or Modify with Dumbbell Strict Press.
1000m Row

12 Minute Time Cap

Score: total time. If time capped, add any additional reps to not completed to the time cap. For every 25m not completed on the rower will count as 1 rep. Example: Time cap with 645m left on the rower, the score would be 12:15. Round down to the last completed 25m on the rower.