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Moxie, please remember, our 6 week transformation challenge classes start today at 6am and 730pm.  Let’s extend a warm welcome to these woman as they embark on a new, exciting and scary adventure!!!  From Craig’s FB post…
CrossFit is scary – many people want to come, but they are terrified. Most have not exercised in many years and some, never. Most have spent many years taking care of others: husbands, kids, business, jobs and have not taken care of themselves. In their eyes, going to the gym is a selfish pursuit. The first two weeks will be challenging adjusting to exercise AND adjusting to spending an hour taking care of themselves.
Their journey is just beginning! You will see them at 6AM and 7:30PM beginning tomorrow. Please: when you see them, say hello and congratulate them on taking the 1st step toward a whole new life of fitness and nutrition. It will mean a lot to them.They’re going to be nervous as heck.
As you know, having fitness as a foundation in life leads to many great things. Diablo Moxie is about to change the lives of 20 amazing women who have never experienced CrossFit nor an amazing community like ours. It’s going to be an awesome transformation.
Thank you for your help and support. #diablolove


ROMWOD move of the week: Frog 2min, PVC lat stretch 1min

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