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This weekend was a special weekend.  I witnessed one of our members, a client and a friend, crush her goal of competing in the NorCal Masters competition.  She PR’d her pullups, did legit ring push ups and ran a mile with a weighted vest surpassing all her expectations.  I met Karen about 4 years ago when none of this was even thought possible.  I feel honored to get to be a part of her journey.  I have permission to share the photos below to show just how far this amazing woman has come… and it reminds me… every now and then on our journeys to becoming better humans, it’s important to stop, turn around and celebrate just how far we’ve already come :)  Proud of you Karen!



Also, Power Supply will be here tonight with some samples of their meals so check them out after your workout!!  Power Supply is a meal delivery service that brings fresh, never frozen, meals right to the gym twice a week!  Stop by the table and get more information!


Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: Minute 0 – 25
Shoulders and Wrists – Spend a couple minutes rolling out your Lats
Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
Before moving onto the Gymnastic Skill, practice some of these wrist progressions.

Gymnastic Skill: Minute 26 – 35
Wall Walk Progression
2 sets of 30 second Hollow Body Holds 20 Second rest between sets

2 – 3 sets of 3 – 5 Piked Walks – Start from the bottom of a Push-up then Walk Back into Down Dog Position (Good modification for a wall walk). Push your hips as far back as possible by walking and pushing through your shoulders

2 – 3 Sets of 2 – 3 Wall Walks (Only going as high while staying organized in the midline) DO NOT walk all the way up the wall if you can’t maintain
Workout: Minute 36 – 60
12 Minute AMRAP:
30′ Forward / Backwards Bear Crawl – 60’ total bear crawl
30′ Sandbag Lunge (Front Rack, Back Rack or Shoulder) 60 / 80
30′ Sandbag Carry
250 / 300m Row
30 Second Rest

Score: Total rounds

Spend some time before starting the WOD practicing the Sandbag Clean and a couple lunges. Figure out what is the best way for you to hold the sandbag for the lunges. If the lunges are too heavy or awkward with the sandbag and you have trouble stabilizing, use a lighter bag or use a Medball.