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Craig posted this in our Moxie Socials group on facebook.. I thought I would share here as well.  Who’s in!?!?!

So, this is an annual tradition at Diablo.

It may also be the #1 reason why you object to becoming a Diablo gym. Participation is not obligatory….

DRY CAVEMAN: January 9 – February 14, 2017

Voluntary Participation.
Penalty for Breaking: 100 Burpee Pull-Ups.

For 36 Days, we challenge you to go DRY! That’s right, no alcohol.

We all know that the calories in a glass of alcohol hinder weight loss. We all know that alcohol hinders our metabolic engine. We all know that alcohol affects cognitive functions.

Here’s a great chance to “check-in” and evaluate just how significant alcohol is in your life. Its also a great opportunity to cut trivial calories from our diet.

You don’t have to sign up anywhere, but, if you’d like to hold yourself accountable, you can put your name below and join the fun and brave the harrassment!


ROMWOD move of the week: Sumo squat 3min and Puppy Dog 1min

Log results here.


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