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When recording daily results, the smiley face has been becoming more popular so I thought I would do a quick post on it.  In CrossFit, we track our results as a way of pushing ourselves, being held accountable and as a way to track progress over time.  But what if you have an off day?  Or are sick and don’t want to have your results posted?  Enter THE SMILEY FACE :)  If you’ve forgotten to track your rounds, couldn’t keep track of times or simply are having an off day and don’t want your score on the board then all you have to say is “smiley face” and we’ll know you were there and just had a great workout!


Choose ONE Option below:

MAKE UP WOD: Make up a workout you missed from earlier in the week, Mon – Wed


SKILL WORK:  Ask a coach for help with a skill that you’re working on!

ROMWOD move of the week: Standing straddle with arms (1-2min); Seated straddle with archer arms (1min/side for arms)

Log results here.


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