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Did you get the Member Highlight email!?  Here are a few of the questions we asked this month… to see the full interviews – check your email!



Talita Sozkesen

How long have you been a member of Crossfit Moxie? Almost 2 months
Are you married? Single? Married
What/who led you try CrossFit? My friends from Brazil who also practice CrossFit
What is your favorite thing about the environment at Moxie? The welcoming and friendly atmosphere for sure! The coaches and members are great!
If you could have one superpower what would it be? Make all people live in peace. No more war… no more hate!
What do you do for fun (besides workout)? I always visit new places, play soccer…



Rick Lopes

How long have you been a member of Crossfit Moxie? 2 years this month
What/who led you try CrossFit? After putting on significant weight and wanting to do something better for myself a Groupon came up with a discount for a CrossFit trial month.  I had heard about it so I thought how could it hurt.  I went in to a box in Sacramento at the time and met an amazing coach named Jared that had me laughing and jumping in and before I knew it I was in my first class.  He told me when I bought the shoes, he would know I was in.  Well, I don’t have as many as Wong but I am about 8 pairs deep now so I would say I am in.  At first it was a weight loss goal and now to get stronger and work on all my weaknesses.  There is ALWAYS something to work on……darnit!
What is your favorite thing about the environment at Moxie?  The MoxieMafia is just awesome.  Moving here and not having any friends in the area, I instantly had a fitfam that I couldn’t wait to see every day.  Whether its workout support, help on a movement, fun in a birthday WOD, a beer on a Tuesday, a group party downtown on a Saturday, or a full table of Moxians at a wedding, everyone is there with friendly faces and smiles that genuinely enjoy seeing the best out of you and seeing you get better and have fun.
What is your least favorite movement in the gym? uhhhhhh, Thrusters – brutal…….just brutal
What is your favorite movement in the gym? Oh man!!  Getting hard to choose.  Most likely snatch.  But love split jerk, OHS, DU’s, pull-ups, wall balls and rowing.
What is one thing that no one at the gym knows about you?  Probably just how broken my body really is.  I have had 17 surgeries, 7 broken bones, 5 of them being joints and 2 ligament tears.  One so bad that I almost lost my arm and had to be Mediflighted to a special surgeon to save.  Mobility is always something I have to work on and deal with to get better.  It is a never ending battle but it is very fun to see the progress made and am always excited when I can use it to motivate others who see their issues as limitations and not adaptations.  


ROMWOD of the week: Childs pose with shoulders 1-2min / Frog 2min

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