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Hey Moxie…  I want to share the interview below with Jason Phillips as there is a TON of great information there.  Jason is actually my nutrition coach (hey, coaches need coaches too!) and he works with a wide range of people from Crossfit athletes to people just wanting to lose weight.  Nutrition is not as simple as just providing templates, and what works for one person may not be appropriate for someone else.  Your diet can effect everything from how you look and feel to your hormones, sleep and recovery.  Check it out and let me know if you have questions!!

Sex Drive, Adrenal Fatigue and Under Eating with Jason Phillips


ROMWOD move of the week: Standing straddle with arms (1-2min); Seated straddle with archer arms (1min/side for arms)

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  1. Sabrina

    Yes!! I just listened to this interview a few days ago and it was so awesome. I want to chat more with you about your coach relationship with him asap!