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Hey Moxie, just a heads up, we are going to change our SKILL game starting next week. Instead of a skill DAY we are going to pick a skill of the MONTH! In order to really see progress with things like pull ups and muscle ups you have to work on them more frequently… so we are going to. You will see the ‘skill of the month’ in warm ups, workouts and cash outs so that we can see improvements. We will even test the skill before and after so you can really see the change. What does that mean for Thursdays?? The format will remain similar in that it will still be a skill or make up day with a longer endurance wod option. There won’t be a programmed skill but the coach will be available to help you work on any skill your interested in. THIS IS NOT OPEN GYM. You will have to choose 1. make up wod 2. endurance wod or 3. work on a skill with the coach. Let’s get more awesome!!!


Choose ONE Option below:


1. Mobility
8 wall slides with internal/external rotation
(Start ribs/wrist/elbows against wall, elbows just at or just below shoulders, hands to parallel then back to wall, then stretch arms up)
3x :05 pec stretch
(PVC pass through grip, with pull up structure between back of your head and PVC, lean forward for :05, then relax and repeat)
Roll out lat :30/side

2. Activation and Kip
8 swimmers
8 v sit ups

3. MU
BMU Option
Practice kip (push/pull on bar, keep legs engaged, hips and legs pop to float, eyes forward, grip)

Practice jumping BMU for transition and speed over bar

RMU Option
Kip (stay connected, eyes forward, hips and legs pop to float)

Peekaboo ring swings (use kip plus small pull with arms, also teaches to keep lats engaged coming out of MU)

Work transition on low rings to develop landing position

Already have MU?
E:90 x 8
Pick a #of MU to stay consistent with
Connect reps for more challenge
Do strict or strict+kip for more challenge

Cash out
3x 10 pike tucks on big ball


200M run
400M run
600M run

Rest as long as it takes you to run the prior distance. (200 takes :50, then rest :50.)

MAKE UP WOD: Make up a workout you missed from earlier in the week, Mon – Wed