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Sean and Katie kicked off the double under contest with a BANG!  2min of straight double unders with no misses.. it was pretty cool to see.  Katie took the win with 234 but Sean was right on her heels with 211… and with the wild card up for grabs we could be seeing this match again ;)

In case you missed the post yesterday…

Here we go! The first brackets are listed on the back board. You will need to be judged by a coach and can complete at any time (before or after classes or during open gym). To make it fun, try and meet up with your partner and go head to head if you can! If schedules don’t allow for that, then each person can be judged separately. Official scores will be submitted to me by the judge. The due date for scores is next Wed, Sept 14th for round 1. This week’s scores will also be used to determine the ‘wild card’ for week 3.. so one person will get a second chance!! There will be 4 rounds before the FINALS… two rounds of 2min max’s and two rounds of 1min max’s.

THE RULES: Max double under reps in 2 min’s with only 2 ‘trip ups’ allowed. You can do singles in-between your doubles but only the doubles count.. and when you stop, that’s one ‘trip up’. GOOD LUCK!



ROMWOD move of the week: SL stretch 2min / leg

Log results here.