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We are going to start a 4 part series on improving your pullups!  Today we start with some strict pullup work but we will move into kipping as well.



Choose ONE Option below:

SKILL WOD – Strict Pullups

1. Mobility/Core

Lacrosse ball work

3x:15-:20 partner hollow rock
P1 holds hollow rock, P2 tries to rock P1. Goal is to have body move as one.

2. Grip and Activation

10 Bottom Up KB press
3x Max hang
3x 5-7 Scap Pull Ups

3. Pulling
Choose one:

3×6-8 ring rows 3331

3×1-3 jump to chin over bar hang + negative

3×3-5 strict pull ups 1331

3×3-5 strict chest to bar pull ups 1231

4. Strength
6-8 KB Bat Wings 3331
:20-:30 hollow rock, try rocking

Cash out
3×20 partner leg throws

5x800M row
As follows:
1: 800 smooth
2: 600 smooth/200 strong
3: 400 smooth/400 strong
4: 200 smooth/600 strong
5: 800 strong

Rest 1:30 between efforts
Smooth = 60-70%
Strong = 70-80%
Goal is to stay consistent

MAKE UP WOD: Make up a workout you missed from earlier in the week, Mon – Wed


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