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Workout Of the Day:
Snatch 1 Rep Max 

AMRAP in 10 Minutes up the ladder of
Squat Snatches, 95/65
Toes to Bar
1-1,2-2,3-3,4-4,5-5, etc…
Post max load and total reps completed.
I am very proud to announce the upcoming release of the book, “Power, Endurance, Speed. A Skill Based Approach to Endurance Training.” This book was written and put together by Brian MacKenzie (founder of CrossFit Endurance) and Glen Cordoza. I was honored enough to be asked to write the Swimming chapter and am so excited for how the book came out! There is a ton of information in here, from running, to swimming, to mobility (written by Kelly Starrett of mobility wod). This is an absolute must for anyone looking to improve their endurance training, or just anyone who wants to get better and learn a ton. I have put a link to it on the right sidebar for the pre-order, or you can click the picture below. I have a copy in the gym for any one who wants to take a look. Please don’t take it anywhere, it’s my only one!

Gina came in yesterday in costume and quickly realized the mistake of having a hot and heavy wig on while exercising.


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  1. Super Sore and Sassy

    Rowing isn’t for the weak. Damn you, Ben. *shakes fist*

  2. GUY

    Congrats on the book Chris, cool stuff!


    245 snatch
    7+1 Rx + 155 Squat snatches