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Workout Of the Day:
3 Rounds For Max Reps
2min prowler push x 25 yards suicides @90/50
2min rest
2min bike for joules
2min rest
2min Sand Bag Lunges @ 65/45
2min rest

Post total reps.
Below is a pretty funny video that hits way too close to home. Let’s try not to add any more of our plates to the rubber graveyard we’ve got going.

While on the subject of equipment, I don’t mind buying tons of jump ropes for everyone to use, but what I do mind is everyone then taking them and resizing them to fit. If you’re going to do that why wouldn’t you just get your own that is always perfect for you just the way you like it? A good jump rope is just as important as a pair of shoes. It fits you perfectly and you’re the only one that can use it. Rogue Fitness is a great place to start. Get a jump rope!