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Workout Of the Day:

500m Row
Rest until 5 minute running clock

AMRAP in 12 Minutes of:
25 Double unders
10 Push Ups (show hands)

2 minute rest

500m Row For Time
Post row times and total rounds plus reps completed.
To sign up for the Dunking for our Challenge CLICK HERE and scrolling down the calendar until you see CrossFit Moxie’s Private Event.
Looking for an exciting way to spend your Saturday this weekend? Shawn Bibb has graciously offered us as many tickets to SJSU’s Homecoming game as we want. All you have to do is post to comments so he knows how many to bring in. Please feel free to get as many as you want, and include your friends and families!

SJSU vs. Utah State
Saturday, October 13th
1:00 PM

Think they planned this?

6 Responses to “Homecoming”

  1. Gina

    OMG. Down to the shoes!! So awesome. You ladies were riding he same wavelength yesterday. Too funny.

  2. Chelsae

    Can I get 8? Dang.. that sounds like a lot when I type it, but I really do have 7 friends! haha.

    I’ll even wear SJSU colors. :]
    Muchas Gracias!!!!!!

  3. Ken

    Can I get 6 tickets. Sounds Awesome!!!! Haven’t been to a college game in days. Thanks a bunch!!!