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Workout Of the Day:
2 Rounds For Reps
2:00 on, :30 rest to rotate of:
Tire Flips
Box Jumps, 24/20
Row For Calories
Double Unders
KB Swings, 24/26
Sang Bag Push Press, 65/45
Rope Climbs
Post total reps.
So far we have 18 people signed up via email (send me emails!) and a few more signed up just for the dunking. See below for the sign up link for dunking. This is going to be another huge year of success, can’t wait! Stay tuned as well, as we will be announcing a Nutrition (FREE) seminar in conjunction with this challenge. We also have a “support group online at

“I Am CrossFit Moxie”

What is it?

This is not simply a weight loss challenge, it’s about all things CrossFit. That is, getting stronger, faster, fitter, and healthier. If your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, get in shape, or look better naked, this is your competition! We purposefully place this competition during the holidays to help keep you motivated during the “fat” part of the year. This is not to be taken lightly and win or lose you will gain a ton of invaluable benefits. We work hard on this, with in depth progress reports and advise throughout. Last year we had a ton of people participate and 100% improvement! Please keep in mind that this is a commitment from you and well worth the work.

How does it work? (The Guidelines)

  • The competition will be approximately 8 weeks long. It will start Friday, October 26th. It will end Sat, December 15th.
  • The dunk must be done before performing the tests on Saturday. On the first Saturday you will start at 9am and continue until done. Dunking can be signed up for at Dunk Sign Up
    On the fitness testing day all participants will:

    • Take a full frontal and profile shot. All photographs are in shorts and a sports bra for the ladies.
    • Get “dunked” and provide full report.
    • Perform a Strength Test TBA.
    • Complete a Conditioning workout designed to test your endurance level.
    • You may make up the fitness portion by appointment only.
  • On the last day all participants will repeat all tests.
  • The “Buy In” is $50.
Will my photo end up on the internet?

No! These photos are for participants only. No photos will be posted on the Moxie site or used for marketing without full permission.

What is the prize?

There will be a Male winner and Female winner, a male runner up and a female runner up. The cash prizes are based on how many people sign up, with last year’s individual prize being$1,000. (that could be quite the prize if you all sign up!). Actual winnings will be announced after all sign ups are in.

The winner will be decided based on the best all around improvement and up to the coaches final decision.

Obviously a huge cash prize adds a ton of incentive, but keep in mind that there are no losers in this competition. Everyone who participates will be all things CrossFit…Fitter, Faster, Stronger.

How do I sign up?

The competition starts next month, so please email me ASAP to sign up at You can bring a check anytime between now and Oct 26th. The more people that give this a go the more that sweet pot will be!

Each participant is required to do a dunk test before and after.  This will give a very accurate number of your body fat.  It is very important you do it on the days that are scheduled as we have a discounted rate.  If we have 30 people doing it, it will be $60 per person for 2 dunks, if there are 40 people, it will be $50 for two dunks.  Normally, it is $40 PER dunk.

The FitnessWave truck will be at Moxie on October 26, 2012 for the first dunk and December 18, 2012 for the 2nd dunk.

For the past 2 years each female and male winner have won a $1000!!!

The buy in this year is $50 for the contest and then whatever the dunks are depending on how many people sign up.


Also, you do not have to do the challenge, you can just do the 2 dunks at a discounted rate!