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Workout Of the Day:
12x 200m Sprints, repeat every 2 minutes
Post fastest and slowest times.
Next Session Starts July 9th.

Our CrossFit based conditioning camps will give athletes the extra edge to ensure that they realize their entire athletic potential and are ahead of the game at their respective sports. CrossFit’s intense, constantly varied, functional fitness programming is ideal for preparing all scholastic athletes for the regimens of high school and college.

Our 4 week Sports Conditioning Camps are designed to re-engineer the athlete’s fitness across all 10 components with an emphasis on strength, power, speed and agility. In the first week, we’ll test the athletes on a broad range of fitness and athletic capacities and then we’ll introduce them to many of the movements that will be a part of their workouts.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll spend time drilling and practicing the more complex movements, like the olympic and strength lifts to insure proper mechanics before moving on. After week 3, we’ll step up the workouts gradually to challenge the athletes’ physical capacity. Drills and technique training will be part of every workout to help develop the athletes’ fine motor skills and agility.

In the final week, we’ll test the athletes again to measure their overall results and fitness. Improved results are guaranteed.


7 Responses to “Youth Sports Camp”

  1. Kevin

    Fun WOD opportunity:

    Chuck and myself will be out at Almaden Quicksilver County Park on Sunday at 4pm for a fun outdoor WOD. The workout is still yet to be determined, but will involve outdoor elements and objects. We figured others would be interested in an ‘out of the box’ workout experience, so anyone and everyone is welcome to join us!

    Meeting Location: Almaden Quicksilver County Park Mockingbird Hill Entrance (at the parking lot).

    Hope to see you there!

      • kevin

        Hey sorry Terry, we had a last second animal emergency. Chuck and I didn’t get out there until 4:30. Did you come out at 3 or 4?

        Next time we will get contacts from who ever wants to join us.