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Workout Of the Day:
You have 4min to do a 1,000m Bike Time Trial. You have the remaining time in the 4min to do max 10m prowler pushes.

Rest 2min

At the 6th minute start:
AMRAP in 10min
10 DB or KB Power Snatches, 55/35# or 24/16kg
10 Push Ups
Post bike time, total prowler pushes, and total rounds plus reps.
This was Jesse’s shirt that he wore on Tuesday’s WOD. Priceless!

At least we know where Jesse won’t be this Saturday. For those of you running in the Willow Glen 5k this weekend, good luck and have fun!!! And don’t forget to wear your Moxie shirts.

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  1. crossfit

    1:33 row (no bike) 12 prowler pushes @ 270#
    6+6 rx + 32 kb